All about Chocolate full day.

Course details

5 hr course
£130 per person


8th December 2020

What to expect

All about Chocolate full day.

We are working with a fabulous Chocoatier Andrew Thwaite who travels the globe teaching how to work with Chocolate.

This class will give you an insight of how to work with chocolate.

you will be ;

Tempering chocolate on a bench, and seeding.

Moulding simple shells using moulds

Making a ganache and the use of flavours

Filling shells and truffles, capping, sealing, rolling and dipping

Decorative finishes for chocolates

trying fabulous flavours such as passionfruit and raspberry caramels, Pimm’s truffles and blackcurrant and elderflower ganache.

Using a professional mould as well as a cocoa butter printed mould,  They will learn a range of decorating techniques including cocoa butter colours, inclusions and creative colour powders.


this course included lunch and of course lots of chocolate goodies to take home.




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