An intro to Chocolate and Advent Calender.

Course details

3 hr course
£80 per person


26th November 2020

What to expect

An intro to Chocolate and Advent Calender.

We are working with a fabulous Chocoatier Andrew Thwaite who travels the globe teaching how to work with Chocolate.

This class will give you an insight of how to work with chocolate.

you will be ;

Tempering chocolate on a bench, and seeding.

Moulding simple shells using moulds

Making a ganache and the use of flavours

Filling shells and truffles, capping, sealing, rolling and dipping

Decorative finishes for chocolates

Packaging chocolate to take home and a festive advent calendar


Each student will take home a box of 16 Moulded Chocolates and  16 truffles in branded gift packaging as well as a copy of working with chocolate, a tasting wheel and tasting notes – note we could use this session as an advent calendar course if you think it would go down well


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