Cooking for yourself and your family.

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4 hr course
£100 per person


What to expect

Cooking for yourself and your family.

We understand coming in from work and wanting something tasty, delicious, healthy but quick and easy to do is what everybody wants.

We have written a class that will do just that, some dishes are ready in minutes whilst others can have a base prepared in advance but can be a whole host of dishes.

So being able to cook one dish meals with all your nutrients that tastes amazing will be within your reach.

We will be making a whole weeks menu with lots to take home, so from cooking fish to perfection to a perfect curry every time, the nicest cottage pie and dishes from around the world to get you and your families eating habits under control but feels like you are out for dinner to a restaurant.

There are lots of tips that you never see on TV but that chefs use all the time that will make all the difference.

This class includes lunch.


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