Knife skills and the fundaments of Cookery

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3 hr course
£70 per person


21st July 2021

What to expect

Knife skills and the fundaments of Cookery

This class will give you the skills to improve your knife skills and make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable.

Learn how to hold, sharpen and use your knife to create some dishes that will taste and look spectacular.

We will be slicing, chopping, dicing, julienne, and segmenting to produce restaurant looking dishes.

The Menu will be small plates that we will taste along the way tapas style

the menu will include a spiced chicken dish where we will be boning out the chicken.

A Minestrone soup with perfectly prepared vegetables that has a depth of flavour.

Along with other seasonal dishes that require finesse with your knife skills.


If you have any allergies please state these when booking.





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