Mealplanning for yourself and your family

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5 hr course
£130 per person


13th July 2021

What to expect

Mealplanning for yourself and your family

When you leave this class you will be armed with a meal planner for a whole weeks worth of recipies and ideas, and we will cover them all in this class.

So from one pot dinners to stunning but simple desserts to using your freezer as a place to help you plan  and not just a place to leave leftovers.

We understand coming in from work and wanting something tasty, delicious, healthy but quick and easy to do is what everybody wants.

So being able to cook one dish meals with all your nutrients that tastes amazing will be within your reach.

This class will give you confidence to cook other dishes.

This class is coming from the perspective of a chef cooking for their family, and chefs know things that can only be learned in a proffesional environment but can make life a breeze at home with a few simple tricks.

There are lots of tips that you never see on TV but that chefs use all the time that will make all the difference.

This class includes lunch.


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