The science of Baking

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5 hr course
£130 per person


8th August 2021

What to expect

The science of Baking

This class is for people who want to know why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!

We will break down why the ingredients react the way they do, why we weigh and why the oven temprature is also important.

The class has been written so we make things that display the science behind it but still fun, delicious and look fantastic!

We will be making a layered Sponge cake, Choux Pastry, Sweet pastry and Meringues.


This class will give you in insight into baking and how gluten works! wether is developing it to its maximum whilst making bread or keeping it to a minimum to get the shortest pastry its all about understanding. Once you have mastered this you can then understand how to contol all manner of treats.

This cass includes refreshments and lunch.

This class is for Adults age 15 and above.


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